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Q: Is there any age or gender restrictions for the team members? 
A: No! All ages and genders welcome, there are two categories of play to accommodate all paying levels; competitive and casual. Please refer to the Tournament Rules tab to see all rules.  

Q: I do not have a full team of 3-5 people to sign up for play, aka they know me as the loan-wolf, can I still play? 
A: Absolutely! We will be pairing loan-wolfs up with a “pack” to play on a team together for the tournament. Please do not hesitate to register as a single player.  

Q: Should the captain of the team buy the tickets for all members, or can individual team members buy their own? 
A: Either one, as long as 1 ticket is purchased for each team member by registration deadline of approximatly 14 days prior to the event.  The registration portal will walk you through all the fences set steps, be sure to include the correct team name and division.   

Q: I can’t attend or play in the tournament, how do I donate? 
A: View the Donations tab and view the multiple ways to donate including baskets and food, or directly to Damians Scholarship Fund! 


Q: What time will you stop selling basket raffle tickets? 

A: We will stop selling tickets for the basket raffle, 50/50 and auxiliary raffle tickets at 2:00pm.

Q: Do I need to be physically present to win a basket from the basket raffle? 
A: No, we will be calling all winners via phone numbers provided. Good luck!  

Q: What time do I need to make arrangements to be at the event day of? 
A: We recommend teams arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled tip off time to allow time for check in. Tip off times for each team will be distributed via email and social media in advance.  

Q: What will I eat? I will be very hungry after sweating it all out in the court! 
A: There will be a variety of food available for sale, including homemade goodies for the entire duration of the event.  

Q: What is expected from our team the day of the tournament?

A: We ask that each team comes to register with a signed Waiver of Liability form, and their tickets received via email when registered. 

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